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Feedback from clients/ Testimonials

 Sandra, it was wonderful to speak to you and a little about your journey. It was just what I hoped for; knowledge, care and reassurance. Thank you so much, also for all this information in the email! I feel like I may have got more than I deserved?? Thank you. If you want me to pay more do say?  S.S.

"Thank you for your in depth answers." -a father

After completing their first round:

"Thanks for all your help getting us here! I felt calm going into the weekend thanks to you. ..." - A mom

Thanks again for clarifying and your encouragement. Really great to have the direction coupled with the empathy needed to get through this pretty trying time. Terry

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback. We are really helped to get you as our mentor on our chelation journey. ...noticing remarkable changes.-J.P.

General reports about the protocol can be found here.
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